Le Parc, Ebisu ル・パルク 恵比寿

Despite the name and the Parisian decor, this restaurant is actually a Hong Kong style Chinese restaurant. Bizarre. Anyway the food is of a very high standard and a nice surprise in a city where good dim sum/ yum cha is very hard to find. There's a 2,000 yen set and a 3,000 yen set, but if you go to gnavi.jp you can print off a coupon so you get the 3,000 set for 2,500. That's what I did and for that you get shark fin soup, assorted "zensai" including a yummy char siew, fried and steamed dumplings, sticky rice (actually the best I have tasted for a long time) and the dessert of your choice. It's a good place to have a group lunch or a one on one.

Tel: 03-3780-5050


minhtfresh said…
do you need a reservation to use the coupon or could i just show up with the coupon and get 500 yen off? thank you
Dom said…
no idea, i'm afraid

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