Labyrinthe, Shirokane ラビラント 白金

Going to Labyrinthe is like taking a trip to France for an hour or two; quite a contrast to the very typical Japanese shopping street in Shirokane where the restaurant is located. I went there for lunch, but the a la carte menu is actually the same for lunch and dinner. I ordered a crab soup and the lamb with foie gras and my dining partner ordered a gazpacho and guinea fowl for the main. The crab soup was, well, very crabby and more earthy than I had expected- but actually very nice. The lamb was excellent, sort of lamb cutlets but with little meat balls made around the end of the bone with bits of foie gras inside. The bits of fresh truffle scattered on top added a lot of flavour. When we asked for the dessert cart it turned out that our eyes were bigger than our tummies, but there was a little scoop of ice cream served after the mains which was exactly what we needed. For two people, including a couple of glasses of wine each the bill came to about 7,000 yen per person. Not that cheap, definitely not good if you're on a diet as the food is rich, but well worth a visit.
Tel: 03-5420-3584


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