Longrain, Ebisu

Longrain is one of my favourite places to eat in Sydney (and Melbourne), so I was happy to see the current Antipodean restaurant boom extend to them opening a branch in Tokyo. I was also happy to see that it is in Yebisu Garden Place where, in another life, I worked for four years.

The restaurant area on the 38th and 39th floor of YGP has had a total upgrade since I used to work there in the early noughties -- and looks much the better for it.

The restaurant itself is very noisy - I suspect due to the concrete floors and hard surfaces. It annoys the hell out of me that interior designers don't think of noise when they do their work, but this is an issue in almost every trendy restaurant I've been to round the world in the last few years. If you want a window seat (which would be well worth it), I imagine you would need to book well in advance.

My all time favourites on the menu from Australia are the deep fried pork hock and the prawns in betel leaf, so I made sure to order these. Honestly speaking I think the food is a little better in the Aussie locations, but for the next best thing, I will definitely be back.

 Modern interior design (loud)

Outside the restaurant

 Try to get a table near the window if you can!

Miang Kham (one bit betel leaf wraps)

Filled eggnet with pork, prawns and peanuts

The famous pork hock


Acapulco Gold  with chili tequila, vanilla liqueur, lemon chunks (I guess this is why I had a headache the next morning)


Tel: 03-5424-1300


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