Bépocha, Harajuku ベポカ原宿

I know next to nothing about Peru. Other than the fact it's a looong, thin country in South America facing the Pacific, there's mountains, something about a Shining Path on the news when I was a kid...oh, and Paddington Bear...

I know even less about the food, which is why I was keep to try Bépocha in Harajuku. On a recent Saturday night I finally made my way over there, and ended up glad I did. The food and service are very good. I think I could be back to learn more.

I wonder if restaurants in Lima look like this...

Seafood ceviche with toasted corn and assorted bits. Spicy. Very good.

Tuna ceviche. Also very good.

Mashed potato (green mashed potato) with crab and octopus.

Chicken stew. The Peruvian half of Jai Thai in Roppongi also serves a version of this at lunch~

Wagyu - it tasted better than it looks

Inca berry gelato with fruits compote

Cinnamon and pecan nut syrup cake

Tel: 03-6804-1377


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