Shiro, Jingumae しろう神宮前

Shiro is situated about three quarters of the way to Gaien Nishi Dori (from Omotesando) in Maisen Dori. I hope that means something to you as I find Tokyo a bit hard to explain sometimes! Anyway, it's not hard to find and a little oasis of Japanese culture and cuisine in a cute little traditional house in the midst of all that trendiness.

Their soba ryori cuisine is all perfectly good and completely unremarkable. For dinner on the evening I visited they only had an omakase course for 5,000 yen. I would have preferred to be able to order izakaya-style, but was more than happy to fall into line as it's just easier sometimes if you don't need to think about it. For a quality meal that is properly Japanese but not too challenging for foreigners I would recommend it.
Tel: 03-5414-2311


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