Okei Sushi おけいすし神宮前

OK Sushi (this is really what the name is - a play on the English OK), is the epitome of the Japanese sushi experience. Old place, falling apart, expensive, garrulous old chef with a big knife serving whatever the hell he pleases with a mix of regular customers and lots of beer and sake to keep the banter going with him and each other.

I thought it was a great experience and that the food was very good. My Japanese dining partner who thought the meal was just OK, strongly disagreed although I thought he was too tough. I will admit though that the chef had a big hunk of tuna he seemed to want to get rid of so we had a LOT of tuna that evening.

I don't know if I'd turn it into a regular haunt as, apart from anything, I'm not wealthy enough to dine there every week but for a place that is full of atmosphere (and welcoming to foreigners which is NOT the case for some places like this) I would give it my seal of approval.

Tel: 03-03-3405-4610


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