Mother's, Roppongi Hills マザーズ六本木ヒルズ

Given the quality of the food and general experience, I was surprised how few fellow diners there were on a Friday night at Mother's, a modern izakaya in the recently-refreshed Roppongi Hills. I have to admit when I stood outside waiting for my dining partner to arrive I got the impression Mother's was just a bar, not a restaurant - so there may be some confusion around the concept holding its patrongage back. The theme of this izakaya is food that's good for your body, so I guess your mother would approve (get it? "Mother's"). The food's probably a bit too delicious to really call it health food, but the quality and integrity of the ingredients in their dishes is noticeably superior to the average.

Their specialities are fugu and suppon (turtle) ryori. I have to say that neither of those really attract me, but if you're feeling a bit adventurous you may enjoy it. Overall I'd be very happy to go back to Mother's, especially as you can walk out after a delicious meal without the feeling of not overdoing it - which is really important when you eat out a lot and are thinking of your health.

The front area really looks like kind of a bar, but there are more classic tables further back inside.

Otooshi of green tofu with ikura.  

That's some light fitting (needed a bit of a dust though)

Excellent bagna cauda -veges were superb and came with delicious dipping sauces of mayo, miso and gochujang

This looks like a fairly ordinary potato bake with ham and cheese, but it was divine. The potatoes were really fresh.

From left to right, scallop with chilli, a dish of all the scallop "bits" in butter, chopped onion. All went on the gas brazier.

Octopus with chilli

Katsu of tuna - makes for a bit of a change from the usual pork. I'm not sure if I'd order that one again. As my dining partner opined, if you have good quality tuna you should eat it as sashimi.

Cold noodles to finish
Tel: 03-5413-9577


David Rudlin said…
This place is produced by the legendary Chiyonofui, who -- somewhat surprisingly -- is a true gourmet. (He prepared the best fugu zosui I have ever eaten. A year later and I'm still dreaming about it.) I suspect it's his obsession with quality that's behind the freshness of the ingredients.
Dom said…
Ah, now I get why there was a sumo thingy on display out the front. How interesting - he's obviously a true renaissance man!
Roberto said…
Looks superb.

Not sure "sumo thingy" is the technical term. :)

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