La Provence Gourmand Olivier, Gakugei Daigaku ラ プロヴァンス グルマンド オリヴィエ学芸大学

Gakugei Daigaku is probably not the place you'd expect to find a Provençal restaurant but then again, given the eclectic and wonderful nature of Tokyo dining (even in the suburbs), perhaps of course that's where you'd find one. After years of passing through Gakugei Daigaku on the Toyoko line on the way to work, I've recently had the opportunity to explore the place a bit further. It's really a pleasant area and there are a lot of what seem like newly opened bars and izakaya under the train line, which will be worth a try at some point.

I digress. La Provence Gourmand Olivier is a bit of a mouthful to say, but it's in no way pretentious. It is a family run restaurant which meets the usual high standard of Tokyo's middle of the road French fare. The theme, of course, is Provençal, implying a lighter, brighter, "summery" fare that (in my understanding) uses more olive oil than butter and more tomato than northern cuisine.

Pictured below is their "top of the range" course. It was as good as looks!

Tel: 03-5722-2550


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