Kyubei, Ginza 久兵衛銀座

Kyubei is one of the "star" sushi restaurants in Tokyo. It has been recommended to on several occasions in the past year, so when a sushi-loving dining partner presented herself I grabbed the opportunity to go!

The Ginza headquarters is lively and popular and the (somewhat) English speaking chefs make it an easy experience for foreigners but one which, nonetheless, is a totally Japanese one. This is clearly a well-loved establishment by those who know good sushi, and it was clear on the evening we went that there were a number of regulars in our midst.

I think it's fair to say that Kyubei has played a little bit with the traditional sushi formula. It's more adventurous than say, Kanesaka, which is just as awesome in its sticking to the traditional formula. Honestly speaking I like both approaches and can appreciate each for what it is and what the chef is trying to achieve.

I hope the photos do justice to what was a delicious and enjoyable meal. Stand-outs were the anago rolls and the deep fried fish back-bones (amazing). The shrimp was so fresh it was still moving on the roll (which kind of grossed-out my dining partner, but made me wish I hadn't asked for mine to be boiled)...

I couldn't stop eating the seaweed on this plate and they couldn't stop re-filling it!

Those little fishies with ginger were a treat, as was the ikura.



Totally more-ish deep fried fish backbones!

This was a some kind of fish's liver. A very interesting flavour - like animal liver but a lot more bitter (good with sake).

Delicious fish with chestnut (Autumn feeling)

The uni was exemplary (ordered seconds)

Live shrimp (they were still moving...)

My dining partner was put off by the fact it was still moving on the rice (I agree that's kind of gross, but it doesn't come fresher than that!)

I opted to have mine cooked

And they nicely did up the tail and head. I don't normally eat the head, but this was superb.

Little scallops in the "gunkan".

Radish sandwich of shiso and plum

Lovely clear broth with a tofu thingy in it

Groovy bowl!

OK, the anago (eel) is simply to die for. We ordered seconds of that...

Assorted rolls to finish off

Kaki for dessert


Suzanne R said…
Love ur blog.Planning to visit Japan soon. Question: what are your top 3 favourite sushiyas in Tokyo (high end and also mid end) as well as your favourite 4-5 isakayas (what's your opinion of Tobu Sakana and Koyu (in Nezu)? Thanks

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