Izari, Naka Meguro 伊座利, 中目黒

Has anyone noticed just how happening Naka Meguro is getting? In the six months since I've been down there I've noticed new cafes and boutiques opening up and down the river, and it's really nice to see that there is at least one area in Tokyo that is not looking gloomy and shuttered up (been to Aoyama lately???).

I came upon Izari quite by accident but I'm really glad I did. This modern Japanese restaurant does the basic Japanese comfort food favourites such as curry rice, omelette rice and hamburger; but there's a twist. The chef prepares these as if we're dining at a Michelin restaurant. The execution is exquisite and delivers a taste sensation way beyond your basic slopped-up comfort food.

This place is fantastic. I'm definitely going to be back and back and back...

The "hamburg" was juicy as can be, the demi-glace sauce superb, the cheese delicious and the spaghetti beautifully infused with a white pepper flavour. The chef actually made this bog-standard fare taste sophisticated!

Tel: 03-5456-8210


Ahh nice finding! I actually found it's rather hard to find really nice Yoshoku (or I specifically say 洋食屋さん) restraunts in Tokyo. Gotta add this to my to-eat list for my next visit :)
Terry said…
Freaky. I just posted on Naka-Meg as well.

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