Two Rooms, Kita Aoyama TWO ROOMS グリル | バー 北青山

Without meaning any disrespect to the genre, there are few eateries in Tokyo that better typify ex-pat expense account dining than Two Rooms. These are places where you'll often find whole tables of foreign men in suits, lots of good wine and waiters who don't even try to address you in Japanese. It is a little like taking a trip, for a few hours, to the world of the international banker as he wheels and deals, deciding all our fates over some steak and plonk.

My most recent trip to this rarified world occurred recently when I visited Two Rooms for dinner. I had previously visited on my own for lunch but this time I was fortunate enough to have company. I'm not even going to comment on the prices. Perhaps we should leave that to whomever signs your expense report. Suffice it to say, it's not Pepper Lunch, but I think the quality of food and service is very horses for courses (but not on my course please!).

Anyway our dinner comprised a salad, starter, main and dessert and was washed down with two very nice bottles of wine - a Yering Station Chardonnay from Oz and a Cristom Pinot Noir.

Artistically presented crab salad to start

I subsituted horse sashimi for a couple of oysters. The big'un is Japanese and the baby is an Aussie!

Juicy white asparagus with parmesan

Scallop with baby corn and risotto

DELICIOUS wagyu steak.

Cherry with crispy meringue and ice cream
Tel: 03-3498-0002


Anonymous said…
we got babysitter for the night.. add to the bill for two we could have gone to Los angeles by air and have better food anywhere in the city!!
no comment over the service it will take too long to describe how dum the waiter was!!!

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