Furutoshi, Nishi Azabu ふるとし西麻布

Nishi Azabu is home to some pretty expensive establishments that are strong on image and not much else. However Furutoshi hits a home run if you're looking for somewhere with a little touch of class, that will fill your belly with tasty and contemporary fare - and that will not break the bank.

Their 5,250 yen "Dolce Vita Fizz" course menu is a winner in my opinion, comprising a small soup, assorted entree platter (terrific!), pasta, meat or fish and dessert plus coffee. Their wine list is not large but even the cheaper drops (sorry - on a budget at the moment) are very drinkable.

My dining partner and I added two bottles of wine and a grappa on top of the set course and the bill only came to 13,000 a head, which I think for Nishi Azabu and the amount and quality of the food represents excellent value.

The service is very obliging, and our waiter even spoke English. In conception the food is working hard to keep up with the trends. In execution, the food is probably not up to a Michelin standard but the genuine effort to provide something more innovative than the norm certainly is appreciated from my side.

For a date or a business dinner, I would certainly add Furutoshi to the list!

Cold corn soup

The assorted appetisers were a real treat.

And came with a helpful guide!

Excellent brioche, foccacia and cheese roll

Seafood pasta, bouillabaisse style

My dining partner's lamb cutlets

My "Tsukuba" pork
Banana chocolate gelato

Blanc manger

Tel: 03-5775-1275


Anonymous said…
Is this place still open ? The website has vanished and the phone just rings out.

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