Sucré Salé, Yotsuya  スクレサレ四谷

It was with a little trepidation that I made my way for Sunday lunch at Sucré Salé in Yotsuya. The author of one blog said a scary bald waiter was staring at her while she was trying to eat, and has marked the place "no longer recommended". The man taking the reservation certainly was curter than usual, and when my dining partner and I arrived there was indeed a fairly bald man who (how shall I put it?) manages to achieve the greatest result with the least words and movement. But I think this is one of the definitions of elegance, n'est-ce-pas?

We took no offence to him at all, other than to note that he clearly has worked hard to simulate a real-life French waiter! I guess on a bad day one might take a less sanguine view, but you should not be discouraged from visiting. The food and atmosphere were very much up to scratch.

For just under 3,000 yen you can order a course menu which includes an entree, main, dessert and coffee. Delicious, yakitate bread (including an amazing little roll with thyme) is served without restriction. For the entree I opted for the omelette with chive, my dining partner for the rillette. Mine was a very good omelette and my partner had nothing but praise for his rillette. For the main I ordered lamb cutlets which came with crunchy vegetables (cooked just right) and a French-style aigre doux sweet and sour sauce.

My dining partner had a lamb mince burger instead of the cutlets, which he praised highly. My cutlets were barely cooked, which was fine even though I wouldn't have minded being told how they were to be done. The only criticism I have is that they were very fatty. There was so much fat on them that three cutlets would have been better than two, especially considering that they cost me an extra 800 yen or so as a supplement. Dessert was a nougat glace for me and a tarte tartin for my partner. My partner was very happy with the tarte and I just loved my nougat which came with a lovely raspberry coulis.

I'd say it's worth the risk of getting the waiter on a bad day. The food's great, the surroundings are pleasant and it's not overly expensive. Quite a good package in fact.

Tel: 03-3351-8741


Terry said…
Dom: I really like the place, and the waiter responds to love. Nice post!

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