La Cantine du Midi, Shirokane 白金

La Cantine du Midi is a little neighbourhood southern French style cafe in Shirokane at the Azabu end of Kitazato Street. It's run by a couple of clean-cut ikemen who have put a lot of effort into making the experience authentic. On a recent visit for lunch I was offered the "course menu" on the phone while booking. There was no information offered on the price or contents of the course, but I'm usually happy to be surprised. In this case it turned out to be an entree, main, dessert and coffee for 2,500 yen (I found out when paying -- ok I know I could have asked...). My partner was not drinking but I indulged in a couple of fairly average glasses of house white which brought the bill for two for a little over 7,ooo yen.

The entree was a rocket salad with smoked salmon, tomato, carrot and sardine en croute with a very acceptable vinaigrette. The main was a schnitzel with tomato salsa and mashed potato and the dessert was grapefruit, strawberry, fresh mint with vanilla and chocolate yoghurt ice cream. Everything was quite pleasant, and the Frenchy couple at the bar finished off the authentic feeling very nicely.

My only gripe is that it's a little bit on the dear side for what it is, and they refused to let me pay with credit card for some reason. I'd have thought 7,000+ is ok for credit card, but luckily I had cash with me.
Tel: 03-5449-7250


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