Masa's Kitchen 47, Ebisu

OK I'll get right down to it - the lunch I had at Masa's Kitchen 47 was simply the best I've had in ages. This fairly new restaurant situated in trendy Ebisu is chef Masa's interpretation of modern Chinese - one which if you sit at the counter you will see him and his team of young apprentices working their guts out to deliver to absolute perfection.

For 3,500 yen you will receive a beautifully cooked, beautifully presented Chinese meal, one which is absolutely unrivalled for the money, or even not just for the money. The Michelin star that Masa was recently awarded is well worth it.

The set, which my dining partner and I watched chef masa cook and personally supervise, started with four different appetisers: some marinated celery, daikon and chicken, marinated scallop and a piece of bbq pork with a thin slice of wagyu sashimi! Wow! This was followed by a delicious shorompo and a yummy plate of steamed cabbage with oyster sauce. After this a fried spring roll containing crab, prawn, scallop with a hint of truffle oil lightly seasoned with salt was served. YUM!

Following this the main dish of sweet and sour chicken with soft dumpling bread was presented. This was basically the best sweet and sour anything I ever tasted. As if this wasn't enough, a super-rich tantanmen was served to top off the savoury courses. An anin dofu with home-made strawberry ice cream topped off the feast. If you can believe it, with there being a 5,500 yen course available, this was the lighter (but not lesser) menu.

Unlike a lot of Chinese food made by Japanese this was heavy-hitting, take-no-prisoners on the flavour front, so just the way I love Chinese food. Contrary to Japanese tastes I just don't see Chinese food as being a gentle or subtle cuisine (although I know I have a lot to learn about it) and, whilst this is still a Japanese interpretation, it's a gutsy and creative effort - as well as being beautifully served and presented. I loved it and will be back for sure.



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