Le Bouillon, Okusawa ル・ブイヨン 奥沢

It's a scarily long time ago now, but I used to live near Okusawa/ Jiyugaoka which I still find a nice little part of the world. One of my regulars whilst I was living there was Le Bouillon. I've taken friends, family and clients there and have never been disappointed by its conscientious French food and friendly service. When I went there recently for Sunday lunch it had been more than five years since my last visit, but the waitress still recognised me. Big snaps for her, as she now has my loyalty for
life ;-)

Here are some pics from lunch - I highly recommend you try it out if you're in the area. There's another really nice French restaurant in Okusawa called La Coupe which I'd really like to get back to if I can find a good enough excuse.



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