Union Square Tokyo, Roppongi (Midtown) ユニオンスクエアトウキョウ 六本木 東京ミッドタウン

Union Square is one of my regular joints for lunch when I'm feeling like somewhere with tablecloths. It's a pleasant American style restaurant located on the ground floor at Midtown with a view over the gardens and, weather permitting, you can sit inside or outside. You can order either a la carte or from a set menu and I do either depending on what looks good. On my most recent visit for lunch I ordered the 2,800 yen menu as well as a 1,200 yen glass of pleasant Californian sparkling. Bread is served throughout the meal and a little dish of olives is provided for you to nibble on. For the entree I chose a soft sheep's cheese with smoked tomato and cauliflower tempura and, for the main, salmon with horseradish infused mashed potato. Dessert was a rice pudding with sun-dried fig and wine sauce.

On every visit I have found the food to be of a very good middle-of-the-road standard and the service friendly and efficient. My only gripe is having being thrown out off the terrace a couple of times around 3pm when I have outstayed my welcome. I will never understand how restaurants in Japan think it's good practice to throw their patrons out for the crime of lingering but, like many things in my life, I just exhale and stoically accept.

Tel: 03-5413-7780


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