Les Pieds Nus, Ebisu ぴえにゅ 恵比寿

Les Pieds Nus is a French restaurant located quite near the west exit of Ebisu station. On a recent visit for weekday lunch I had the pleasure of ordering their 1,300 yen lunch set which includes an entree, main and coffee. Condemning myself never to lose weight I ordered a glass of house red, the crab bisque and the beef cheek. These all entailed a supplement so my share of the bill totalled 2,800 yen.

The house wine, which tasted like it had been chilled (quel horreur), was just on the right side of acceptable. This was followed by the bisque which was served with grated cheese, croutons and a fish sauce on the side. These condiments weren't really necessary, but added a nice touch nonetheless. The soup itself was very tasty, perhaps more creamy than crabby. The modest serve of beef cheek truly melted in the mouth and was served with a beautifully rich brown sauce, fried potato shavings, mashed potato, bean and broccoli. My dining partner did not rave about his salad or the fish, so I need to moderate my praise with that feedback.

Tel: 03-3449-6797


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