Mushroom, Ebisu マッシュルーム  恵比寿

If you don't like mushrooms you shouldn't go to this restaurant. I, however, am very partial to these delicious fungi so I was in heaven when I recently visited Mushroom for Sunday lunch. The restaurant is situated not far from the "five ways" at Ebisu, quite close to the excellent Jeu de L'assiette. The dining room is small, cozy and intimate and as we sat down were greeted with a serviette folded in the shape of a dinner jacket. Cute. For 4,000 yen including tax and service you can order a menu featuring an entree, a fish, a main and a dessert and coffee. I started my lunch with a delicious glass of Bruno Paillard Brut Champagne.

For my entree I ordered a fish carpaccio with mushroom and salad leaves, which was light and tasty. My dining partner ordered a much more substantial sausage dish, which was very powerful in flavour in comparison to mine. This was followed by a suzuki, topped with a clam in a green lobster sauce with some interesting gelatinous mushrooms here and there. Accompanying this, I was served a glass of "Nikolaihof" a fresh and delicate organic Austrian white wine. The main course was a piece of duck breast with cabbage, pepper, cream sauce and an amazing, earthy mushroom. Dessert was an excellent marzipan tart with vanilla bean and dark chocolate ice cream. During dessert the next table was presented with a music box that was fed a music sheet playing "Happy Birthday". Cute x2. All our dishes were very competently prepared and the manner in which they were served was very pleasant. It's no wonder that this restaurant has been going for 15 years now, and I would recommend this establishment to anyone looking for a pleasant business or social meal.
Tel: 03-5489-1346


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