Cache Cache, Yotsuya メゾン・カシュカシュ 四ツ谷

I recently discovered that the superb Alladin has a little sister in Yotsuya called Cache Cache. The dining room is charming, decorated in a traditional French style with stucco and exposed wooden beams and featuring some eclectic pictures and ornaments.

The food at Cache Cache is not as luxurious as it is at Alladin, but it is nevertheless very polished, and the staff could not be more obliging. For a recent lunch, I chose to supplement the "standard" 2,500 yen, three course lunch menu by ordering the lobster which was offered as a special of the day for an extra 1,500 yen if I shared it with my dining partner.

Lunch kicked off with a lovely glass of sparkling wine. They didn't show me what I was drinking, but it did not seem to be French, in line with the more modest theme of this restaurant. Then we were served a hot, wholemeal roll with a delicious, salty rillette. I still remember the rillette from Alladin, and the effort at Cache Cache was no disappointment. For my entree I ordered a trout and cauliflower salad, which was light and pleasant. For the main course the lobster came out in two separate dishes. For the first, they placed the claw meat with a tomato sauce on some white asparagus. The "miso" (brains etc) with a hint of anise was served grilled on the shell. For the second dish the body of the lobster was cut in the shell and served with green asparagus, some scrunchy morels and basil oil. Luckily I have pictures so you can see what it was like, much better than I can describe it.

Dessert was a "Diplomate," which is like rum and custard trifle with candied fruits, and a vanilla bean ice cream.

All in all the lunch was thoroughly enjoyable and I would highly recommend this place for a quiet business or social meal where you have the time to linger. The speed of service is sedate so go when you have enough time to enjoy what these true lovers of fine food have to offer you.
Tel: 03-5363-5263


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