Monna Lisa, Ebisu モナリザ 恵比寿

Monna Lisa is one of my favourite destinations for fine dining in Tokyo. The courses are always beautifully presented and there's little that I don't like about their cooking or service. One dish I've enjoyed in the past that sticks in my mind is their capsicum parfait - amazing, different, brilliant!

On a recent dinner, my dining partner and I opted for the creatively named 11,000 yen "Course B". After we'd attacked the wine list with a couple of bottles of excellent Romanée something we ended up making a substantially higher investment than that, but the basic price of the food represents excellent value.

The delights of the evening started with an amuse of a little pie slice of pastry covered with tiny little prawns - yum! This was followed by a stuffed artichoke. Artichoke is actually one of my favourite vegetables so I was well pleased. This was followed by an excellent blancmange of white asparagus with shrimp. Then a scrummy dish of grilled scallop with walnut and dressed leaves arrived. This was followed by a sea bream topped with cabbage and served on a creamy, piquant sauce. For the main we had both chosen the lamb which was served with broad beans and cooked to perfection. It must be the wine, but I have clean forgotten what we ate for dessert, but I'm pretty sure it was good!

If you need to impress or just want to really enjoy a great Tokyo dining experience then Monna Lisa is a place that I would strongly urge you to visit. They have really earned that Michelin star!
Tel: 03-5458-1887


Anonymous said…
Followed your recommendation and it was superb, although the wines were expensive. Just for your information, this received 1 Michelin star in the most recent (2008) guide.
Anonymous said…
Monna Lisa Ebisu did not receive a star when the first Tokyo Michelin Guide came out in 2008. It was its branch in Marunouchi which received it first. The Ebisu branch finally received a star in the 2009 guide.
Joseph Mallozzi said…
Hey Dom,

Have you dined at the one in Marunouchi. If so, are they similar in terms of menu? How do they compare?
Dom said…
hi joseph, no i've not tried marunouchi. i'm not sure about the menu but i'd be surprised if it's completely the same. ebisu feels a bit more warmer and authentic to me - but probably a baseless emotion.

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