Crista, Shibuya クリスタ渋谷

Crista, located just off Aoyama Dori in Shibuya (really more like Aoyama/ Omotesando) is one of my go-to places in Tokyo for casual western-style dining. It occupies the same space as Beacon used to (I think Crista simply is an updated version of Beacon) and, before that, in the last century (which I can still remember) Lunchan which was famous for its meatloaf.

The fit-out is really first class. I take my hat off to the designer and the owner for having created such a beautiful, sophisticated contemporary space. I love walking to the bathroom every time to check it out.

The food is always good. Whether you consider it expensive or not depends what you are comparing it to. I think it's a great middle of the road option that would never let anyone feel that they had made any compromises.

These pics are from lunch, but I have been to weekend brunch and dinner a few times as well. Highly recommended.
Tel: 03-6418-0077


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