Umami Burger, Kita Aoyama UMAMI BURGER 青山店

Umami Burger in Kita Aoyama is an LA concept based on Japanese principles that has made it full circle back to Japan.  The Japanese principle in question is that of umami - the 5th taste that Westerners were not widely aware of until recent times.

To me, umami is basically a savouriness given to food by things like bacon, fish sauce, truffles, tomatoes and so forth. Japanese umami is based on the basic and essential ingredients of Japanese cooking - katsuo and konbu.

There's nothing Japanese about Umami Burger. The umami in this joint kind of hits you over the head in every dish and then drenches you in oil. Actually I love that kind of food, but it's a recipe for a heart attack so I will need to pace myself before wading back in!

THE umami burger - shittake, roast tomato, parmesan, caramelised onion 'umami ketchup' and beef

Truffled beet salad (there's loads of goats cheese under the beetroot!)

Blackberry cocktail

Manly fries - fried onion, thick cubed baconm mustard sauce and cheese sauce

Manly Chick burger - cheese, thick cubed bacon and fried onion with beef
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