Chez Matsuo, Shoto シェ松尾松濤

Chez Matsuo is one of the absolute standards in Tokyo dining, so it's really hard to offer up an excuse for never having been there. Recently for a summery lunch on a holiday Monday I put that right.

The restaurant is situated in ritzy Shoto, which is a quick walk from the hustle bustle of Shibuya. But Shoto is a world away. It is a place of conspicuous wealth and privilege you might never even imagine is in Tokyo, even if you have lived here many years. It's fun sometimes to visit such a place and dream.

And what is the local canteen of the upper crust? Well I suspect it's right at Chez Matsuo. The establishment itself, which has been open since 1980, is a fine old-school French restaurant in a delightful old bungalow. It's hard to believe that such a lovely house is still standing in modern day Tokyo and who knows for how long.

And the food. Well I was expecting some pretty good quality fare, and was not disappointed. Everything was excellent, and the service could not have been friendlier or more professional. To top it off, the lunch menu is far from being outrageously priced.

I could not recommend this place more highly!

Many pleasures are to be found behind this gate...


Yes, that's leopard skin trim on the ceiling!

Pol Roger. What else?

Beautiful champagne glasses

Corn blanc manger with a madelaine of ham and confit tomato


 Scallop with lobster emulsion and bulgur risotto

 Mackerel with cresson coulis


Kiwifruit mouth refresher


The fish of day (kinmedai) was absolutely delicious! Served with orange syrup and curried prawn


The main was a delicious roast pork with Lyonnaise potato and white beans


Dessert was an amazing collection of flavours! Mango, coconut, lime, cream, pastry and apple. Followed by coffee and petit fours~
Tel: 03-3485-0566


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