Efes, Omotesando エフェス表参道

Eastern Mediterranean food is relatively hard to find in Tokyo but, with the doner kebab having made its beachhead in Roppongi, Turkish food seems to feature strongly in recent years. Although I'm more familiar with Greek and Lebanese food, I also enjoy Turkish food from time to time.

Near Omotesando, not far from the famous Maisen tonkatsu store, you will find Efes. It's always a good sign when you see lots of people from the country whose cuisine the restaurant specialises in and Efes is just such a place. The restaurant is clearly catering to the local Turkish community who like to sit up at the bar and chat but Japanese and other foreigners are more than welcome.

The food is a breath of fresh air and has not so much salt in it, which might suit some people. All in all it's a good place for the jaded Tokyo diner to check out for a casual dinner.




Tel: 03-5474-8333


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