The Tender House, Shirokanedai ザ テンダーハウス ダイニング白金台

I am so glad this place has opened up on Platina Dori in Shirokane. Platina Dori is already one of the toniest streets in Tokyo, but with so much potential to take it to the next level. Tender House Dining, on the first floor of a new function centre, is a beautifully designed 60s 'Mad Men' style grill that opens right onto the street. Great atmosphere and the food is pretty good.

I've been there for lunch and dinner. I think the lunch is where the value really shines but, of course, a place like this is made for cocktails and dinner. The staff are young and keen but you have to raise an eyebrow in an American style steakhouse when they don't know what a martini is.

But when the incompetence is charming and in a beautiful setting like this, how can we criticise? I'll certainly be back.


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