The Lobby, Peninsula Hotel, Yurakucho ザ・ロビー・ザ・ペニンシュラホテル有楽町

I'm slowly working my way round all the afternoon teas on offer in Tokyo. I thought I should probably blog a few, so here we are. The Peninsula at Yurakucho has a nice offering from 2.30pm each day. The lobby itself is actually rather narrow and there's no view to speak of, so the room has a slightly cramped feeling. If this is likely to be an issue for you there is a private balcony with just one table and a private entrance. The staff are very cute and obliging and work hard to create a great experience for their guests.

You can order from a wide range of teas, more than once!

The obligatory tower. At first I thought there may not be enough food as I'd skipped lunch. I definitely need not have worried

The scones were the best I've had so far in Japan. I got them to bring out another jam and cream set (pictured above) - as it's a bit mingy for two

The mind boggles
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Dave said…
As you point out, the Lobby at the Peninsula (which looks like, well, a generic hotel lobby) really isn't a great set-up for anything more than a quick morning coffee, let alone for what is supposed to be the relaxing and slightly luxurious experience of a high tea. I honestly do not remember much of their food or teas (in good or bad), but the set-up was very underwhelming.

For much nicer high teas, out of those I have seen in Tokyo so far, I would much rather recommend:

- the Mandarin Oriental: gorgeous view, elegant set-up, impeccable service and great food/tea selection.

- the Ritz Carlton: similar on all points, although slightly less impressive on food and vexingly stingy (can only select a single type of tea for the entire sitting) despite being one of the priciest high tea in Tokyo.

- the Chinzanso has a very nice view of their beautiful garden and a great selection of teas, but unfortunately loses serious points for serving scones that looked and tasted more like (American) muffins than proper scones (rest of the food menu was also a clear notch below the above).

Looking forward to reading more about your own experience with Tokyo high teas!

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