Yoi no Kuchi, Akasaka 宵の口赤坂

I know it's been an indecently long time since I posted on my blog. But I've been busy! If you want to see what I've been working on please go along and visit Wa Space in Akasaka. We've put together an amazing collection of Japanese design wares and art.

When you do, almost next door you will find one of my favourite restaurants. I love it because it's in a great, old Japanese house and offers some really amazing food at surprisingly reasonable prices. Their specialty is chicken, and they really know what they're doing with it. Dinner is always excellent, but the real pleasure for me is their lunch sets where for only a thousand yen you can have some of the yummiest food around for lunch.

I would recommend it for lunch anytime but it gets crowded around 12-1 so I usually go there there at 11.30 or after one. For dinner you will need to book. The menu is all in Japanese so you will need some help. They are pretty friendly though so please don't let this discourage you. Perhaps you can point to some of the random pics I have added below!

Raw chicken and avocado salad (I know. Maybe it's not safe, but I love it)

Their tsukune is to die for - I mean I have to be restrained from licking the plate every time

Grilled to perfection. This is not your Charcoal Charlies down the road

Chicken bits (sorry, I can't remember which)

Chicken sashimi again

OMG, this chicken katsu for lunch is THE BEST

Yummy chicken bits and pieces (you can order whatever you like to go on that plate)

Vege tempura

Another delicious grilled chicken dish for lunch

The "oyakodon" (mother and child or chicken and egg on rice - I know - gross) is a lunchtime mainstay



Linda said…
The presentations are great, and your descriptions are fabulous.
Dom said…
Thanks Linda :)
Paul said…
This meal looks really great. Traditional yet modern at the same time.
redwoodcyclist said…
Waiting impatiently for summer 2015 so we can come back to Japan. So many restaurants...

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