Bistro Quotidien, Azabu Juban ビストロ・コティディアン麻布十番

Bistro Quotidien is one of my neighbourhood favourites and though I've been several times in the past, I've never posted about it. When I had dinner there recently, I can definitely say that the cooking was the best so far. Really memorable, and great value for 10,000 a head with a decent Vaillons chablis.

Mind your manners with the chef though. He told off the ladies at the party at the adjacent table to sit down as they were getting up to take lots of photos (which I appreciated), and he flat refuses to split bills on credit cards. Not quite the 'soup nazi' but he's got potential. Respect!

Nodokuro (I think) tartare

The white asparagus with ham, truffle and poached egg was DElicious!

This sausage had an unexpected and amazingly yummy orange accent to it

Onion gratin soup

This quenelle/ fish wrapped in cabbage with crustacean sauce was scrumptious

Creme caramel - strong egg flavour and caramel made for a match made in heaven

Tarte tartin
Tel: 03-6435-3241


Linda said…
The onion gratin soup looks mouthwatering, and the presentations are lovely. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.

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