Hearth, Ebisu ハース恵比寿

If you don't plan ahead, getting a table for brunch in Tokyo is a bit of a quest. Thank goodness for Open Table which takes all the work out of it if your back is to the wall. As a result of a trawl through the listings of places with a table for brunch the same day in Tokyo I found Hearth in Ebisu. For 2,000 yen you can get a three course meal, representing excellent value. HELLO, THAT'S LIKE ONLY 20 BUCKS!!! Everything was pretty nice, all in all and a great time was had by all.

They also serve fondue, which I may try next time!

Ratatouille with poached egg

Avocado and shrimp



Beef cheek

Stewed pork

Marron crêpe

Berry crêpe

Caramelised apple crêpe

Tel: 03-6416-9830


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