Magoemon, Ebisu 孫ヱ門恵比寿

Magoemon is an izakaya in the hinterland of Ebisu 2-chome. The speciality of the house is their homemade tofu which they prepare at your table. They bring a little pot over with soy milk, add a magic ingredient (I must look up how one actually makes tofu), then you wait seven minutes and it's done. I had no idea you could do that!

The food is pretty good overall, and very happy to recommend it. If you can read the menu, it's probably also not such a bad place to take a foreign guest as it's unpretentious but just special enough to flatter your judgement.


Sanma sashimi

Daikon and mushroom salad (tasty!)

This is where they add the magic ingredient to the soy milk to make tofu


Mushroom tempura

...the finished tofu. it was delicious with some salt and sesame oil

Raw soy crab
Tel: 03-3461-3055


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