Chef's Table, Azabu Juban シェフズテーブル麻布十番

If you are looking for a place to PIG OUT, I've found it for you. If you order their 6,000 yen course, Chef's Table in Azabu Juban will, I absolutely guarantee you, provide you with so much food you will be screaming for mercy. The cooking is good, honest South American inspired fare that impresses with its generosity both in the size and the attitude. I am a big eater by most standards and I usually like a big course menu, but I would be more than satisfied with just ordering an entree, main and dessert from the menu. You'll notice there's no picture of dessert as my dining partner and I just couldn't go there after stuffing in that steak. However, if you are breaking a diet or need to add 30kgs for a movie role then go for it! It's a very small restaurant so bookings would be advisable.

Tel: 03-6277-7326


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