Babbit Lounge, Kaigan バビットラウンジ海岸

I don't make it down to Kaigan very often. In fact until I visited Babbit, I didn't really know where Kaigan is. It's not too hard to find though - on the edge of Tokyo Bay just down from Shibaura and not far from Hamamatsucho. Beside a branch of the elevated metropolitan freeway, right next to Hinode Yurikamome station but seemingly in the middle of nowhere, Babbit is an interesting bohemian-themed cafe and is located in an art and fashion warehouse called "Tabloid". I've yet to check out the rest of the complex, but I'm sure to be back as it seemed worth a look. 

The food's really rather better than I had expected, and I have to tell you the french fries were something else. Go there just for the fries!!!

The interesting "fauna" at Babbitt forms a large part of its bohemian charm.

A little 3,000 yen Spanish number - surprisingly good for the price!

Salmon and avocado on baguette

Ham and rocket in truffle sauce


Sausage and potato puree

These french fries were DELICIOUS!!!


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