Ryuzu, Roppongi レストラン リューズ

I've been to Ryuzu twice now. Once, for a very convivial business lunch and the second time, taking another friend out for a birthday dinner. It's one of those places that you can be totally confident will never fail to deliver in all areas: ambience, service and food. For this reason its reputation as one of the 'in' places to eat in town has rightfully blossomed since it opened last year. It was awarded a Michelin star in the latest edition, cementing its place on the Tokyo dining scene.

For the recent dinner, we opted for the 12,000 yen degustation menu, the story of which is shown in pictures below. Throwing in a few swigs of wine (half a bottle and just a few wines by the glass) plus the service charge and you're looking at a 40,000 yen dinner for two. Although the quality is unimpeachable, this is a serious outlay for dinner so I'd save this place either for lunch or for very special occasions...

The first course was an amuse of a (naturally) sweet corn soup with "mame" or beans.

The bread here is to die for - you'll need to make sure you don't overdo it as they'll keep bringing more as soon as you're done!

'Flan" with a layer of lobster mousse on the bottom, a layer of pureed potato and topped with sea urchin.

Pan seared foie gras on eggplant.

Scallop with artichoke.

Deep friend "hamo" with zucchini and marinated tomato.

A little citrus mouth freshener.

The main course was roast pork with sautéed veges and some grated truffle.

Dessert no 1 was a white chocolate mousse with lychee jelly, ice-cream and raspberry.

Dessert no 2 comprised a trio of coffee creme brûlée, a fromage blanc with lemon and a citrus jelly.

Coffee was accompanied by petit fours (you could probably call this dessert no 3!).

Tel: 03-5770-4236


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