Tapas Molecular Bar at the Mandarin Oriental, Nihonbashi タパス モラキュラーバー日本橋

I approached my night out at the Tapas Bar at the Mandarin in Nihonbashi with double trepidation. First, I've rarely been blown away by food in a hotel (especially one with views) and second, my last encounter with molecular gastronomy had me taking an unexpected trip on the porcelain bus halfway through!

I needn't have worried. The experience was amazing, and had my dining partner almost in tears of pleasure. There are two sittings a night and everyone needs to be on time - just like for the theatre. But what an apt description, if I do say so myself. The two capped guys behind the counter put on nothing short of a tour de force as they work through their set.

Please be warned, the Tapas Bar is best described as "investment eating", but this kind of experience is not to be had every day, so go for it if you have a suitably special occasion.

Let the performance begin...

 Cherry Bon Bon, filled with an alcoholic surprise.

You suck this one out like a straw!

Don't make a mistake and bite into the wrong stone!

This medley was called the "Spring Landscape"

The cup held an amazing smoky aroma

The ham was just about the best I've tasted making this a memorable "breakfast".

 Tempura and delicious dirt!

"Drunken" shrimp

Sole and watercress

The scientists at it again, injecting the shorompo with something yummy in a bath

Quail with morels

 Lamb cutlet (not like your mum makes!)

Delicious wagyu (the pop-art design on the plate was edible too!)

Watch it, this one explodes!

Finally we got our shorompo.

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the "miracle fruits". I won't ruin the fun by telling you what goes on with those, but you'll be sure to amazed!

Dessert didn't explode and tasted like dessert...

Petit fours

Tel: 03-3270-8188


Anonymous said…
Woah! I'm brand new to your blog, but I am definitely glad I came! :) That whole "show" looks amazing! I agree, it seems more suitable to think of it like a theater. Especially from the way you described it.

Forgive me if it's rude to ask, but how much is a sitting at that bar? And do you have to reserve your spot in advance?

I suppose I could probable google it, haha! :)
Anonymous said…
I'm brand new to your blog, but I'm so glad I showed up! :) The whole "show" looks amazing! It's certainly fitting to relate the experience to going to a high-class theater. Especially given your description!

Forgive me if it's rude to ask, but how much does a sitting at the restaurant cost? And do you have to reserve your spot in advance?
Dom said…
Hi there Alyse, sorry to take a while to reply. I can't totally remember the exact breakdown, but with wine and an after dinner drink and cigar it came to around 57,000 yen. So not a budget night out, that's for sure ;-)

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