Kanesaka, Ginza 鮨かねさか銀座

I once made the mistake of joking to my dining partner that there's not much to making sushi as you just have to get some fresh fish and cut it up. Well, I am forced to admit that there is sushi and there is sushi. Kanesaka, located in a basement in Ginza, is the second type.

It's an extremely expensive restaurant, but for an unforgettable flavour and experience I would say that you should stretch yourself at least once. Although everything was excellent, the eel, the chu-toro and the uni were simply stunning and would justify a visit just for those.


Tel: 03-5568-4411


The Bartender said…
Hi there! I just want to say that I am absolutely amazed by your blog as I just came back from Tokyo a couple of weeks ago. Anyways, I actually was planning to go to this place but ended up going to Pierre Gagnaire to satisfy my French cravings. Ironic it may seem to come to Japan to eat French when if I had to choose one magnificent place to eat, I should choose Japanese (I understand that Tokyo has the largest amount of French restaurant outside of France). If you don't mind me asking as I noticed that you went their for Lunch according to the tags, which price set (8000, 10000, 15000 yen) did you go for as they separate their menus by price over at Kanesaka?
Dom said…
hi, we went for the 15,000 menu and ordered extra on top of that!

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