Biodinamico, Shibuya ビオディナミコ渋谷

I have the dearly departed Jon (from Japan, not the planet thank goodness) to thank for putting me onto Biodinamico. However, it's taken me the best part of a year to make it down there but I could kick myself for waiting so long.

This is one of the best dining experiences I've had in Tokyo for a while. The chef and his team are clearly dead-serious about their food, but in no way up-tight about it. There is nothing pretentious about the food - just tasty, creative cuisine with an emphasis on organic/ biodynamic ingredients.

Dinner with paired wines (I had more than my dining partner) came to just over 30,000 yen. Not cheap but certainly an experience to remember.

Foie gras amuse

Assorted entree

Duck and a special, pressed risotto

Homemade pasta with prawn - very strong prawn taste

Homemade pasta with cheese - delicious

A selection of beautiful vegetables - served just with salt

The main event - I forced myself to eat the tongue - and it was good!

Dessert of carrot soup


Petit fours
Tel: 03-3462-6277


Anonymous said…
Memories of a great lunch at said place few months ago. Worth mentioning where the restaurant name comes from - the majority of the wines come from biodynamic/organic vineyards.
Dom said…
An omission now remedied!
Anonymous said…
Aha, I was just remembering this place, read my post, checked your blog, and am pleased to see you went.

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