La Brianza, Azabu Juban ラ・ブリアンツァ麻布十番

Once in a while you'll visit somewhere that you just know is working really hard to provide the maximum for their diners, and to keep this within a reasonable budget. Such a place is La Brianza in Azabu Juban. It's a fairly unassuming little place, but its popularity indicates it has certainly struck a chord with value-conscious Tokyoites.

For around 5,000 yen a head you can indulge in no less than eight separate, and surprisingly luxurious dishes. Cramming in eight courses into the budget does involve some compromises in refinement, but for this money who's complaining?

Well worth a visit for a fun, informal evening with friends or loved ones.

Yummy tempura of something. Wish I could remember what...

One of the tastier Bagna cauda I've had recently. When did this trend start I wonder?

Foie gras and ICE CREAM!!! Yipee, looks like it would be just up my tastebud alley. Does it work? Hmmm

Kanpachi carpaccio

Artichoke pudding

Baked egg with truffle. This was a really yummy one...

Shirokane pork from Iwate-ken

White pudding for dessert

Tel: 03-5440-8885


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