La Gargote, Azabu Juban ラ・ガルゴット麻布十番

I have to admit I'm not quite sure what a gargote is - maybe it's like a "hole in the wall" or some such thing. It doesn't really matter though as it sounds really French, and that's exactly what La Gargote is - a really French bistro/ izakaya type thingy in Azabu Juban. The guys manning the kitchen and tables seem to be all French and a good proportion of the patrons seem to be of the Gallic persuasion as well.

The service is really warm and friendly and I was happy with the mix of French and American wines that were recommended to us. The food, which is billed as "French Kushiyaki", is very enjoyable. For business or for friends, this is a great place to visit for a casual, yet memorable meal.

Fries and camembert. No fighting please!

Chevre chaud

Raclette (à La Gargote)

Carrot soup. This was heavy and delicious - exactly what was required on a cold winter's evening.

Steak tartare about to be "composed".

It was delicious!!! I know their skewers are the speciality of the house but I thought the tartare was the best thing I ate that night.

The tartare came with a potato gratin.

Beef skewers were tender and delicious. The duck and orange skewers (not pictured) were just a bit on the dry side I thought...

Scallop. Yum!

Profiteroles. I think it was my rusty French but when ordering, I wanted to make sure that there were at least three profiteroles in a single serving so we could share the dessert. I wasn't requesting three separate servings which was what arrived. Actually I was happy with that and, unlike my more restrained dining partners, I ate all mine!!!

Tel: 03-6277-6725


Dave said…
Fancy a bit of this...
That's Ron said…
looks great! this must have cost a bomb
Dom said…
Not too bad really in terms of cost for Azabu Juban. Lots of food and wine came to 13,000 per head

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