Quay, Sydney  Quay シドニー

Here is some food porn from a recent dinner at Quay, Sydney. The food was mostly very good. The meat was much better than the fish (sorry, I've been spoiled living in Japan). Just mind that you don't ask your waiter to pair wines for you. One (glass) of red set me back $45. It was nice enough but $45 for a glass of Australian wine in Australia?My share of the bill for the menu shown here, with a few glasses of fairly average wine was around $275. (ouch)

Quay is located in Sydney's international cruise ship passenger terminal at Circular Quay.

A beautifully presented caviar "amuse"

Salad of French breakfast radishes, pickled beetroot, goat's curd, blood sorrel, violets, olive, pine resin, balsamico. The presentation of this dish is amazing. My dining partner went wild for it!

Kingfish sashimi, pickled kohirabi, octopus, nasturtiums with white dashi jelly. I fully rate the conception and presentation of this dish, but taste and consistency of the fish didn't quite impress.

Braise of pearl oyster, shaved southern squid, lettuce hearts, golden tapioca, lobster velvet (wonder what that is?), oyster cream, pea flowers. Again the conception and presentation is amazing, but the taste didn't set me alive. Couldn't help thinking a Japanese chef should have done this one...

Butter poached quail breast, pumpernickel, morel and foie gras (the ethical type apparently), walnuts, quinoa, truffle custard and milk skin. This tasted as good as it looks!

Confit of Suffolk lamb loin, smoked with white carrot cream, fennel infused milk curd, capers, nasturtiums, fennel pollen. Pretty good.

Berkshire pig jowl, maltose crackling, prunes, cauliflower cream, perfumed with prune kernel oil. We were repeatedly advised this is one of Peter's (the chef's) signature dishes. AND BLOODY GOOD IT WAS TOO!

The famous snow egg! This was the white nectarine version and it was nothing short of a taste revelation. Really, I would go just for this...

Preserved wild cherries, coconut cream, chocolate crumble, cherry juice and chocolate sorbet. We didn't really need another dessert, but this was very scrummy!

Tel: (61 2) 9251 5600


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