Il Figo Ingordo, Roppongi トラットリア・イル・フィーゴ・インゴルド 六本木

Of course, like any other sentient being, I love Italian food. But, without sounding like a peasant, I don't really enjoy Italian food when chefs aim for refinement and technical precision. Unlike French food (where I think the refined and poncier the better) I think Italian cuisine works best when it sticks to the basics.

Il Figo Ingordo is an Italian restaurant located in Roppongi, quite close to Roppongi Hills but on the other side of Roppongi Dori. Quite simply, it serves the most satisfying Italian food I have tasted in a very long time. There is nothing particularly sophisticated about the menu and the preparation of the food, but the ingredients are absolutely top-notch and the chef knows exactly what he's doing.

I've been there for a very enjoyable lunch and, most recently, for my company's bonenkai (end of year party). Taking into account the quality of the food and its skillful preparation the prices are more than reasonable so I just might make this one of my regulars.

The bread, especially the focaccia with Rosemary is delicious!

Take your pick of delicious fresh fish, prepared acqua pazza style, grilled or fried

The steak tartare with truffle (that blur in the pic is the waiter shaving fresh truffle on) was exceptionally good

Wild boar penne. I had this at lunch on my first visit. Very good.

Stuffed calamari (looked great but I didn't get a taste)

Shrimp taglione in squid ink. This was mine and very nice.

Fish (can't remember which, sorry).

This was the grilled pork. I didn't get a pic but my beef was AMAZING. Just the best I can remember for so long...

Dessert cart

Tel: 03-6447-2347


Rebecca said…
Hi Dominic - reading your reviews with interest as am trying to surprise my brother and his wife (who live in Fujisawa) for Xmas with a dinner out in Tokyo, and am trying to do it from Melbourne...! Could you contact me so I can ask advice on a couple of restaurants?! My email is

thank you in anticipation!

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