Itamae Gokoro Kikuura, Nishi Shinjuku 板前心 菊うら 西新宿

Kikuura is a friendly, unpretentious Japanese restaurant in Nishi Shinjuku. Their food has a lot of thought put into it and is of very good quality. The kimono clad servers are also delightful. Amazingly, the set pictured here is just 5,000 yen per head. I would highly recommend Kikuura as a place to take visiting friends for an authentic Japanese meal.

Abalone with its miso (guts) mixed with vinegar

"Moriawase" of starters

Pumpkin consomme with scallop, shrimp, corn and snow peas

Sashimi. The accompanying sliced vegetable had an amazing texture. The uni (sea urchin) was delicious - sweet and none of that funky taste that you often get

Fish was delicious

Anago (conger eel) with eggplant and daikon

Rice and miso soup. The miso had some bony fish and negi (spring onion) in it giving it a very pleasant flavour

Anin doufu (almond jelly) - a Chinese touch to finish the evening.


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