Jinroku, Shirokane 甚六 白金

Jinroku is a fairly large, casual teppanyaki/ okonomiyaki restaurant in Gaien Nishi Dori, Shirokane. Service is friendly and in English. The quality of their food is very good, but not especially cheap. I'd be happy to recommend it, especially if you need to take a group of foreign visitors out.

Now to the food:

Jinroku mix. The steak was delicious but I have to single out the prawns for special mention. I managed to fling one to the ground with a ill-judged chopstick movement, but my gracious dining partners let me eat another one all to myself :)

Gyozayaki - mmmmm. I never thought you could do that!

Gomoku Takoyaki

Fried Soba in Omelette

Tel: 03-3441-1436


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