Ristorante Honda, Kita Aoyama リストランテ・ホンダ 北青山/外苑前

Recently I dipped my toes into Ristorante Honda again for lunch. My first experience earlier this year was very enjoyable, but I forgot my camera and also completely failed to remember what I ate so didn't write it up. This time I came better prepared.

Honda is situated just up from Gaienmae station, not far from the big Muji store. I think it's an elegant little place to dine for business or pleasure. It's just casual enough not to make you feel uncomfortable or under-dressed, but their food and service are quite refined. I was suitably impressed when they remembered who I was when making booking!

The lunch menu of which my dining partner and I partook was 3,675 yen and includes antipasto, primo piatto, secondo piatto, dolce and coffee. It's very good value, but if you add numerous wines, as we did, you can expect to bring the bill to quite a different level.

First course, pate (with raisin!) and a little potage with baby squid. Both more than acceptable.

Yes, this bread was as good as it looks.
Spaghetti with meat sauce and eggplant
A fairly fatty but tasty lamb.
Cherry clafoutis
Oops! I attacked my berry panna cotta before I remembered to take a photo.

Tel: 03-5414-3723


Anonymous said…
I have no idea how you remembered each and every dish so well, especially without taking notes. I am "suitably impressed" :)
Anonymous said…
That looks excellent. No kidding about adding wines. It's like when I go grocery shopping and I don't buy any alcohol and I'm shocked at how cheap food is.
Dom said…
haha! yes i know what you mean ;-0
shrimpwonton said…
My favourite Italian (Honda) when I am in Tokyo . Uni pasta, beef cheek and mont blanc dessert ( chestnut puree w arbon dioxide ) . So gla I find your blog, helps a great dealas it is in English.
shrimpwonton (flickr.com)
Rinshinomori said…
Very good price and nice offerings especially the desserts. All wonderful looking except the foam.

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