Tankuma, Korakuen たん熊 後楽園

Tankuma is an excellent Kyoto style restaurant in the Tokyo Dome Hotel serving tempura and teppanyaki in separate, dedicated rooms. On a recent visit for lunch, when I was lucky enough to be taken by both my Japanese teachers (yes, I am so incompetent that I need two teachers) I came away very impressed by the subtlety and quality of the cooking and service.

Each course that comes is explained by the staff as to what it is and how to season it. The tempura is light as can be, and the oil is changed well before one might even begin to consider it necessary. If these people could make me actually enjoy eel, then from the crunchy prawn legs to the tempura ice cream (which required another oil change!) I'm sure you will be impressed also.

Tel: 03-5805-2111


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