Kushiwaka Maru, Naka Meguro 串若丸 中目黒

Kushiwaka Maru is a smoky little dive not far from Naka Meguro station specialising in yakitori and other "things on sticks". I visited there years ago when, quite memorably, the entire building started shaking in what was a relatively strong earthquake. I recently ventured there again with a good friend, hoping it was only the food that would make the earth move!

Well I can report that basically everything we ordered was better than delicious. Their tsukune is particularly juicy and moreish but all their chicken is tender and cooked to perfection. What really stood out though was their seafood. Their grilled oysters were fresh as could be, plump and juicy. The highlight of the evening though for me was a jumbo prawn served with tomato salsa. It was just everything a prawn should be - meaty and full of flavour!

What's even more pleasing is that the prices are dirt cheap for the quality. So I'd highly recommend you get down there if you have an informal dinner pending. Seeing as this place is clearly no secret I would recommend that you reserve a counter seat for around 6.30pm. This means you will have until about 8.10 until they politely but firmly throw you out (I have to admit I took a look at their table plans and could see in advance when we would be booted). Anyway, if you make it that far you'll be so full you'll need to take a walk anyway; and you'll be sure to do so with a warm inner glow.

Tel: 03-3715-9292


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