Cyrano de Bergerac, Hatsudai シラノ ド ベルジュラック 初台

Cyrano de Bergerac is a cute little French restaurant in a backstreet parallel to Yamate Dori in Hatsudai, not far from Opera City. The dining room is quite cramped and the tables are not very large but it's all part of the atmosphere. It appears to be a husband and wife affair with hubby cooking in the open kitchen and wifey waiting the tables. Of course, as I did not enquire as to their marital status this remains mere speculation.

The food is what I would describe as homely Tokyo French. On a recent visit for lunch I sampled their set menu. I started with a glass of their house sparkling which was French but not from Champagne (but very drinkable nonetheless). This was followed by a salad with egg and prawns. The highlight for me was their carrot mousse which you can see pictured. This was creamy and delightful but perhaps a little heavy for those thinking of their weight. The fish was fleshy and delicious and the cheesecake with caramel ice cream was as good as it looks.

In summary, a good place for a more substantial lunch or a dinner - just be aware the space is cramped if you're especially large or you have confidential business to discuss.

Tel: 03-3374-0078


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