Santou, Yokohama Chinatown 山東 横浜中華街

I have had the pleasure of lunch at Santou several times and most recently after a recent business meeting in Yokohama. It is a small, slightly dingy but authentic Chinese restaurant (including a seat for the owner's granny) hidden away in an alley in Yokohama's Chinatown. All the "Chuuka" mainstays on the menu are good, but cooked in a more real and flavoursome style than you may find in many Chinese restaurants in Japan. The real attraction though are the "suigyouza" which are plump, juicy and served with a chilli, soy and coconut dipping sauce, the likes of which I have never tried anywhere else. If this is the only thing you order you will be well satisfied!

山東 (横浜中華街)

Tel: 045-212-1198


Anonymous said…
Enjoyed lunch at Santou today with extended family - a unanimous vote of approval. The suigyouza certainly lived up to my expectations having read your review. Inside was packed along with an outside queue of 20+ punters patiently waiting for their Sunday lunch.
Thanks for the review and all the other snippets from your most enjoyable blog. Cheers, John

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