Marche Aux Puces, Ebisu ノミの市 恵比寿

Marche Aux Puces is a very good simulation of a neighborhood French bistro situated down the street from where I live in Ebisu. I have been going there for years and no matter how hard I contemplate ordering something different for my entree, I always end up ordering their lobster pie. On a recent visit I was true to form, ordering the lobster pie and the beef cheek for my main, followed by the tarte tatin for dessert. The lobster pie is like a chausson (the closest thing to compare it would be like a "turnover" or Cornish pastie, but made with french pastry) with really decent sized chunks of lobster meat, mushroom and onion served in a delicious cream source. The "joue de boeuf" was soft and delicious served with steamed vegetables and a rich brown sauce. Their tarte tatin is really special, comprised mostly of soft caramelised apple (you can hardly notice the pastry on the base) served with a small scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Marche Aux Puces is great for a social or business dinner and I have been there in groups and also for one on ones (or should I say "tetes a tetes"). Unlike some French reproduction establishments, like Aux Bacchanals, it doesn't try too hard but still carries with it an authentic and friendly French atmosphere that takes you somewhere for an hour or two.

ノミの市 (恵比寿)





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